Guide to preparation of a maintenace release statement

The builder / owner of a Canadian registered amateur built aircraft, is responsible to ensure that all required maintenance work on his aircraft is done and properly recorded in his aircraft record (usually the Aircraft Journey Log).

This is a statutory requirement found in the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CAR) and their matching Standards (Std).

What is a Maintenance Release?

This is a signed statement written in the aircraft log, which certifies that the required maintenance has been done to applicable standards. Ref: CAR 571.10(1)

What does the Maintenance Release state?

It describes the work done, materials used, and the standard to which the work was done.

Example: “The described maintenance has been performed in accordance with the applicable airworthiness requirements” Ref : CAR 571.10 (2)

Who may sign a Maintenance Release?

In the case of maintenance performed on an aircraft that is operated under a special certificate of airworthiness in the amateur-built classification, the person is the owner of the aircraft, Ref : CAR 571.11 (2) (b)

Major Repairs and Major Modifications:

Shall be reported to the Minister. Ref : CAR 571.12

Disclaimer: This information is provided as an information service and is subject to change. MD-RA Inspection Services attempts to keep all information current, but you are reminded that at all times the information as published by Transport Canada is the correct version.