Guide to out of phase tasks and maintenace

The builder/owner of a Canadian registered amateur built aircraft, is responsible to ensure that all required maintenance work on his aircraft is done and properly recorded in his aircraft record (usually the Aircraft Journey Log).

This is a statutory requirement found in the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CAR) and their matching Standards (Std).

What are "Out of Phase" items?

These are inspections or certification requirements which do not fall on the same date as that of the annual inspection for the aircraft. Some examples are: ELT, ATC Transponder, propellor, Ref: Std 625, App. C,

Why do items go "out of phase"

Because their inspection interval is not annual, or because they were installed and first inspected on a date not coinciding with the aircraft annual inspection date.

When do these items have to be inspected?

On the due date for each item.

What has to be inspected?

the items listed in the inspection check list and maintenance schedule, the only difference being the timing of the inspection.

What log entry has to be made?

Enter the information in the log as it would be if the component were inspected at the time of annual inspection. If the component requires certification documentation from another person (eg. an AME or a radio or avionics shop), these documents must be entered in the log).

What has to be done concerning instruments or equipment requiring technical certification?

All operational and emergency equipment on board the aircraft must meet the applicable standards specified in the Airworthiness Manual and be functional. Ref: CAR. Part VI, Sub-part 2, Section 602.59 (a) and (b).

The person who performs the test must meet the requirements of CAR 571.02 (a) and (b).

When testing and/or calibration of equipment required for IFR flight is done, it must be performed by a person who is trained and qualified to perform the work, the applicable equipment manufacturer's maintenance instructions must be followed, and all test equipment used must have a valid calibration traceable to a national standard. Ref: Airworthiness Evaluation of the Installation of IFR Equipment to Allow the Removal of the “VFR Only” Operating Condition from the Special Certificate of Airworthiness – Amateur-Built.

Disclaimer: This information is provided as an information service and is subject to change. MD-RA Inspection Services attempts to keep all information current, but you are reminded that at all times the information as published by Transport Canada is the correct version.