Duration of flight test period

(1) When yours Special Certificate of Airworthiness –Amateur Built is issued to you, the operating conditions under which you must operate the aircraft are issued on FORM 24-0090.
Please see below the time limits which apply before you can apply for modification of the conditions (known colloquially as “Removal of Restrictions”). reference: CAR Std 507, App D,3.

(a)  Powered fixed-wing aircraft - shall be the number of hours required to rectify all design and/or construction errors plus an additional 25 hours during which the aircraft has required only the maintenance, repair, and inspection associated with normal aircraft operations.

(b) Fixed-wing gliders - 10 hours.

(c) Helicopters and powered gyroplanes (gyrocopters) – the operating conditions are identical to powered fixed-wing aircraft.

(d) Unpowered gyroplanes (gyrogliders) - 100 flights including 20 flights in which the towline is released at a height of not less than 30 metres (100 feet) above the surface.

(e) Balloons - 10 hours, including 10 flights.

When the conditions are modified, the following will apply:

(2) When modified operating conditions are authorised to be endorsed on a Special C of A for amateur-built aircraft, they shall be as follows:

(a) VFR only; and
(b) Aerobatic flight is prohibited

The procedures to permit IFR flight and Aerobatic flight will be the subject of another information sheet.

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