Amateur Built Aircraft Inspection Report, C21

This document is used in every inspection performed by an MD-RA inspector. The document is composed of three sheets, that is: one white, one yellow and one pink. The white copy is given to the builder at the end of each inspection. The yellow copy is returned to be filed with the MD-RA. The pink copy is retained by the inspector. Inspection Reports are numbered and assigned to a specific construction file. It records the name and address of the builder, the details identifying the project and the type of inspection performed.

During the inspection, the inspector will number and describe each deficiency discovered on the Inspection Report. At the end of the inspection, the inspector and the builder will sign the Inspection Report. The document is also dated. The white copy will be given to the builder.

The builder must keep the original copy of all the Inspection Reports till the next inspection. It must be handed to the inspector at the beginning of the inspection. The inspector will then verify the corrections. All the Inspection Reports must be returned to the inspector before the Special Certificate of Airworthiness can be issued.

The Inspection Report has two sides. On the reverse side, the builder explains in detail how each deficiency has been corrected. The builder dates and signs the document when all the items have been corrected.