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The following procedure explains how to import, have inspected and have a Special Certificate of Airworthiness issued to an amateur-built aircraft, AB.

This document allows the issuing of a Special Certificate of Airworthiness to an imported AB, provided that it:
(a) Meets Canadian amateur-built standards.
(b) Has a permanent flight authority and has accumulated a minimum of 100 or more of air time hours.
(c) Undergoes an annual inspection before an import inspection by a MD-RA assigned inspector.

are to be addressed to MD-RA Inspection Services.

MD-RA Inspection Services
2469 Aviation Lane
London, Ontario
N5V 3Z9

Telephone: 519-457-2909
Toll free: 1-877-419-2111 (in Canada only)
FAX: 519-457-0980
Web site:

(a)Prospective Canadian owner will complete and submit MDRA C26EA Review of Import documents Inspection - available from on the INSPECTION DOCUMENTS/IMPORT PROCEDURE pages.
(b) The MD-RA inspector will review the:
aircraft technical records, including the journey log, foreign certificate of registration,
foreign flight authority and
operating conditions / limitations information
To determine if the foreign-built AB is eligible for the issuance of a Special Certificate of Airworthiness - amateur-built.
(i) MD-RA Inspection Services will inform the prospective Canadian owner that the aircraft is eligible for an Import inspection and provide a signed copy of the report, attesting that the AB is eligible for an import inspection, amateur-built and a Certificate of Registration of Aircraft.
(ii) If the AB is not eligible, the prospective Canadian owner will be advised of the reason and the original copy of the record will be forwarded to the local Transport Canada Centre
(c) FAA AB construction standards meet Canadian AB standards.
(d) An AB must comply with all requirements for a Canadian AB before a Special Certificate of Airworthiness can be issued.
(e) The MD-RA Inspection Services will contact Transport Canada concerning other AB foreign construction standards.

Information Notes:
An amateur built aircraft registered in the USA and flown by a US licensed pilot can be flown into Canada under the following: Standardized validation.

If the aircraft is to be brought in by a non US licensed pilot, call TC for a Provisional Registration and Ferry Permit.


The prospective Canadian owner is responsible for registering his AB and obtaining a Certificate of Registration.

(a) No import inspection will be carried out until the foreign-built AB has been issued a Canadian Certificate of Registration.
(b) All imported AB are considered new Canadian AB project and subject to an import inspection.
(c) The import inspection will be performed in accordance with the MD-RA Manual of Procedures by an MD-RA inspector.

(a) The original aircraft identification plate will not in any way be altered, modified or removed.
(b) The minimum information which must be displayed on the aircraft identification plate is as follows:
Name of builder;
Aircraft model designation; and
Aircraft serial number.
(c) If the original aircraft identification plate does not show the minimum information, the prospective Canadian owner is to contact the local Transport Canada Centre before fabricating and installing an additional aircraft identification plate.
(d) The additional aircraft identification plate will display the original pertinent information and any missing information and be attached next to the original aircraft identification plate.

Information Note: if the original aircraft identification plate displays additional information, beyond the minimum information required, the original identification plate meets the requirements of the CARs and is valid.

The words "EXPERIMENTAL", inside or outside the aircraft, are to be removed, (except on the aircraft identification plate).

(a) The MD-RA inspector will issue the Special Certificate of Airworthiness.
(b) The Special Certificate of Airworthiness will be subject to the following operating condition mandating the performance of the aircraft.
(i) VFR only;
(ii) Aerobatic flight is prohibited;

The new owner will be notified by means of MDRA form C41B Import Climb test report, issued at the time of the Import Inspection, of the following requirement: Within the first 5 hours of flight, the aircraft will be subject to a climb test and the results shall be forwarded to the local Transport Canada Centre.

Before starting the Import Procedure below, carefully read the following instructions. Following these instructions will improve and speed up the process.
1. Follow the procedures below in sequence.
2. Assemble and e-mail/send only requested documents in one package.
3. MD-RA accepts Adobe Portable Document Format, (.PDF) for all documents and Joint Photographic Expert Group, (JPG, .JPEG) for photos and images.
4. In documents, the aircraft data section, the make, model and serial number must be the same as on the aircraft data plate.
5. Personal data- exactly the same on all documents.
6. Fill in the payment information. Be sure to add the proper taxes for province or territory to the fee.
7. Sign and date all documents.
8. Provide e-mail address, your home/business telephone number and cellular telephone number if available.
9. The following three documents contain detailed inspection procedures used by the assigned inspector to perform the import inspection as required by regulations. Each procedure has been dedicated to specific types of construction material. Select the title that corresponds to the type of construction of your aircraft. It will allow you to perform an inspection to ensure that your project is ready for its importation inspection. Any problem that is corrected before the import inspection should result in a much safer aircraft.

Click on C20E Metal- Fabric Tube and Wood Procedure
Metal; all aluminum stress built aircraft
Fabric, Tube and Wood; all aircraft that are partially or completely built and/or covered by the mentioned materials.
Read the following sections
Section 1.1 Compliance with Amateur-Built Requirements and
Section 1.4 Final Inspection

Click on C20E Composite Procedure
All aircraft that are completely or partially, (a least one major component) built using composite material Read the following sections
Section 1.1 Compliance with Amateur-Built Requirements and
Section 1.4 Final Inspection

Click on C20E Gyrocopter/Helicopter Procedure
The procedure is dedicated to Gyrocopters or helicopters.
Read the following sections
Section 1.1 Compliance with Amateur-Built Requirements and
Section 1.2 Gyroplanes and Helicopters, Final Inspection

1. C 26E Import Procedure (this document) (Y)
2. C26EA Review of Import Documents Inspection(Y)
3 Exemption from Section 549.01 of the Canadian Regulations and Chapter 549 of the Airworthiness Manual-Airworthiness Standards-Amateur Built Aircraft(Y)

NOTE: All the above mentioned documents are available on the English site, on the INSPECTION DOCUMENTS page. Please read the above-mentioned documents carefully, to save you time.


Assemble and send/e-mail the following documents confirming eligibility of AB for a Special Certificate of Airworthiness

1. C26EA_Review of Import Documents Inspection complete?(Y)
2. Photocopy of foreign certificate of registration(Y)
3. Photocopy of foreign operating limitation/conditions sheet phase I and Phase II?(Y)
4. Photocopy of the aircraft journey log, or maintenance record, including ;
Log book page showing aircraft data: Make, Model, Serial Number,(Y)
Page showing the first issue of special Cert. Of Airworthiness and(Y)
Page confirming the aircraft has at least 100 hours Air Time.(Y)
5. Photograph of the Aircraft Identification Plate (Data Plate) affixed to the aircraft. Readable?(Y)
6. Access C03B Fee Schedule, select Review of Documents fee and add the taxes (including GST, Harmonized taxes and/or Provincial taxes),
7. Assemble and send/e-mail completed documents to MD-RA Inspection Services.(Y)


Click on Aircraft Marking and Registration Standards


Prepare / assemble / fill-in documents for Import inspection

1. C02B Inspection Request, Import complete?(Y)
2. Access C03B Fee Schedule, select Import Inspection fee and add the taxes (including GST, Harmonized taxes and/or Provincial taxes),
3. Send/e-mail completed C02B Inspection Request, Import document to MD-RA Inspection Services.(Y)
4. Obtain Certificate of Registration prior to Import Inspection per C16E Procedure to obtain a Certificate of Registration(Y)
5. Click on C14E Fuel Flow Report
Perform Fuel Flow and fill-in the fuel flow report as per MD-RA C14E (Y)
Once completed, print and sign the document. Hold for Import inspection (Y)
6. Click on C17E Weight and Balance Report
Perform Weight & Balance and complete, MD-RA C17E Weight and Balance report.(Y)
If current and no alterations took place, existing weight and balance will be acceptable provided that all the data requirements and statement are current and meet Canadian weight and balance standards.(Y)
Once completed, print and sign the document. Hold for Import inspection (Y)
7. Click on C13E Guide To Completion Of Form 24-0079
Follow this procedure to fill the document below.
Click on Initial Application for a Certificate of Airworthiness for Amateur-built Aircraft, form 24-0079
Once completed, the report must be printed and signed.(Y)
Three copies with original signatures are required. Hold for Import inspection(Y)
8. Click on Standard 625 Appendix B - Maintenance Schedule
Generate a maintenance procedure dedicated to the aircraft by eliminating all items not required.(Y)
Display, registration, model and serial number of the aircraft, the date and signature of the owner and number each page and total number of pages on all pages.(Y)
Once completed, print and sign the document. Use it to perform Annual inspection previous to Import Inspection(Y)
9. Click on Standard 625 Appendix C - Out of Phase Tasks and Equipment Maintenance Requirements
Repeat the above procedure for all equipment first aircraft, listed in Appendix C.
Once completed, print and sign the document. Use it to perform Annual inspection previous to Import Inspection(Y)
10. Purchase a Canadian Journey log book. (technical logbooks are optional)(Y)
11. Fill- in Journey log book entries ;
Aircraft Registration MarkC-XXXX(Y)
Manufacturerbuilder of aircraft from Data Plate(Y)
ModelName of aircraft from Data Plate(Y)
Serial NumberNumber from Data Plate(Y)
FuelCapacity in CDN liter/gal. Grade as recommended by engine manufacturer(Y)
Oil GradeGrade as recommended by engine manufacturer(Y)
Hydraulic Fluid Grade as recommended by aircraft builder(Y)
Maintenance ScheduleCAR 625 app B & C(Y)
Maximum Gross Weightas per Weight & Balance, (W & B) Report(Y)
Empty mass and Centre of Gravity as per Weight & Balance Report
Wheels / FloatsEmpty massEmpty CGImporterdate of entry
from W & Bfrom W & B
12. Transfer the last 2 entries from the foreign logbook to the Journey log book, to show continuity.(Y)
13. Generate magnetic compass deviation card(Y)
14. Install magnetic compass deviation card on compass(Y)
15. Copy magnetic compass deviation card into Journey log book(Y)
REGISTRATION C-______________ DATE:____________
16. Write maintenance statement ;
I certify that the magnetic compass was calibrated(Y)

1. Perform all maintenance/modification/repairs, in accordance with acceptable technical data, required to bring aircraft to Canadian airworthiness standards, including the modifications to meet Exemption from section 549.01 of the CARs ;

First Aid Kit; (Y)
Required Placards;(Y)
Portable Fire Extinguisher;(Y)
Carburetor Heat,(alternate air source for fuel injection engine0(Y)
Independent Mechanical Compass(Y)
2. Calibrate magnetic compass(Y)
3. Perform Annual Inspection(Y)
4. Describe each maintenance/modification/repairs accomplished in the Journey log book. (technical logbooks are optional)(Y)
5. Each maintenance/modification/repairs must have a maintenance release, such as
"The described maintenance has been performed in accordance with the applicable airworthiness requirements."
6. All maintenance releases must be signed and dated by the aircraft owner.(Y)
7 Any maintenance/modification/repair that disturbs the engine and /or flight controls requires that the disturbed item be inspected for ; correct assembly and locking, operational check for proper sense and range of motion by at least 2 persons.(Y)
8 The maintenance release above, (item 7) must be signed and dated by a person having witnessed the work performed.(Y)
9. Each piece of equipment listed in Appendix C of the maintenance schedule must be inspected, tested or revised to start the Canadian maintenance cycle(Y)
10. Perform annual inspection(Y)
11. Write maintenance statement in Journey log book ;
"This aircraft has been subjected to an annual inspection or equivalent since import into Canada. This inspection was performed in accordance with the applicable airworthiness requirements."
12. Write maintenance statement in Journey log book ; This aircraft will be maintained in compliance with Canadian Air Regulation 625, Appendices B & C(Y)
13. Contact MD-RA assigned inspector to schedule import inspection(Y)

1. Aircraft airworthy, (no outstanding work left undone?)(Y)
2. All cowlings, inspection panels removed and/or opened(Y)
3. Prepare aircraft for engine run-up.
4. All documents ready for evaluation by assigned MD-RA inspector before the beginning of the inspection(Y)
5. Attend and provide information as requested by MD-RA assigned inspector(Y)

1. Correct Snags listed on MD-RA C21 Amateur Built Inspection Observation Report(Y)
2. For each snag describe correction on the back of MD-RA C21. Sign and Date report.(Y)
3. Each snag, listed on MD-RA C21 Amateur Built Inspection Observation Report requiring a maintenance/modification/repairs action must be written in the log book including the correction and maintenance release.(Y)
4. Write maintenance statement in Journey log book ;
"I certify that the aircraft complies with all requirements of App A of the Exemption from Section 549.01 of the Canadian Aviation Regulations, and Chapter 549 of the Airworthiness Manual and is safe for flight"
5. Correct all documents evaluated by MD-RA assigned inspector at beginning of Import inspection.(Y)
6. Prepare and ship all documents to MD-RA assigned inspector.(Y)
7. Correct and ship all documents that may have been returned for additional corrections to MD-RA assigned inspector.(Y)

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